The story behind the furniture obsession...

Taking a new direction...

If you visited the website when Harry & the Beagle was in its youth, you would have seen a variety of handmade crochet products. Now, as much as i love crocheting and any kind of craft, I soon realised that the products I offered were very seasonal (I mean, who needs a woolly hat in August?!), and so decided to retrain in upholstery.

Cue the course that opened so many new doors! I found that I absolutely adore this craft and the process of taking something tired, old or unloved and turning it into a thing of new found beauty is amazingly satisfying.

The ethos behind Harry & Beagle is not to throw away the chair that no longer goes with your new decor, or that looks a bit worn, or that the cat has mauled to smithereens, but ask me to give that poor chair a lovely make over and you'll find you love it all over again! The best part is, you can be the designer of a totally new piece of furniture so that it fits perfectly into your home. 

Bottom line is, I like to think of myself as a 'reupholsterer' as I'm so keen on re- or upcycling pieces. Let's do it together, let's reduce waste and contribute less to landfill!

I hope you enjoy browsing the gallery for inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to read about us!

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